CCG/RCN Innovation Day

28 Aug 2019
9:30am - 5:00pm PDT

Event Details

The objective of the CCG/RCN Innovation Day is to enable a dialogue and understanding between the CCG/RCN and industry in pursuit of innovation and the development of new technologies that are of interest to the federal fleets.   The intent is to have the CCG and RCN present their current innovation challenges as well as any area where the CCG and RCN think they may be going in the future so that a conversation can be had with industry as to what may be feasible to pursue in future.  Likewise, industry will have a chance to present some of the new technologies and capabilities that are being worked on and advanced – technologies that are relevant to the CCG and RCN innovation agendas.

Companies that are working on new technologies including but not limited to: artificial intelligence and machine learning; augmented and virtual reality solutions; the Internet of Things (IoT); digitization and digital twins; reduction of underwater radiated noise; reduction of GHG and alternative fuels; alternative propulsion options; autonomous vehicles and operations; reduction and processing of waste; energy storage and charging solutions; block chain; and security solutions – both physical and in cyberspace – are encouraged to participate in the presentations.  If you are interested, please contact Alex at or 778.430.2264.  It is to be noted that this is purely an information sharing event and thus, this activity in no way infers any sort of contractual agreements nor does it circumvent the appropriate mechanisms (i.e. DRDC IDEaS, Innovative Solution Canada (ICS) Challenges, IRAP, etc) in place to support the technology development and eventual implementation.

If you are interested in meeting and talking to the CCG and RCN innovation teams or your company has any interest in interacting with the CCG and RCN – this is a don’t miss event.  Register now!

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28 Aug 2019
9:30am - 5:00pm PDT

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  • Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel, 100 Harbour Rd, Victoria, BC