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The industrial marine sector in British Columbia is broad and diverse with capacities and capabilities that are being noticed provincially, nationally, and around the globe.


With this in mind, the Association of British Columbia Marine Industries (ABCMI) was created to further and represent the interests of the industrial marine sector and its supply chain.

The ABCMI will work to strengthen the industrial marine sector of British Columbia.  It will create a positive environment in which our industry can prosper and our people can grow.

Our Roots

The Association evolved from the West Coast Shipbuilding and Repair Forum which has existed since 2006 and brought the shipbuilding and ship repair industry in BC together and achieved positive outcomes for the industry including:

  • The creation of Marine Fitter and Marine Electrician trades
  • The conduct of a BC Workforce Table on Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
  • Several detailed reports on labour market information and economic impact and opportunities
  • A comprehensive Human Resources Strategy for the industry
  • Community and aboriginal outreach strategies
  • The creation of the Industrial Marine Training and Applied Research Centre (IMTARC)
  • New curriculum required by the industry including entry level training


Our Objectives

  • Workforce Development: ABCMI will champion relationships and strategies which permanently enhance the development of stable, satisfying and desirable careers within British Columbia’s industrial marine sector in sufficient numbers to achieve the goals of the sector.
  • Sector Strategy: Through dialogue with the Government of British Columbia, ABCMI will assist in the refinement and implementation of a sector strategy which enhances the capabilities and reach of British Columbia’s industrial marine sector.
  • Supply Chain Development: ABCMI will assist the broadening of British Columbia’s marine supply chain, focusing on areas in which our sector can be internationally, nationally and locally competitive.
  • Establishing Member Services: ABCMI will establish the services and benefits expected by members, and deliver the value that supports member’s continued participation in the Association.

Why Join?

ABCMI membership confers benefits such as: positive influence on public policy; new business opportunities; reduced-cost access to international marketing and trade shows; preferential access to senior policy makers; visibility into future infrastructure and procurement opportunities; pooling of sector wide knowledge on challenging issues; consolidation of training demand to reduce delivery cost; facilitated access to government funding for industry initiatives; and, more employment opportunities for our workers.



Who Can Join?

Shipyards, boatyards, marine repair facilities, fleet owners, ocean and marine technology companies, industrial marine service companies, consultants, labour groups, suppliers and manufacturers, educators, designers, engineers, naval architects, marine lawyers, industrial development policy makers and public entities are all part of our member base.  No other organization represents and advocates as broadly for the BC industrial marine sector.  Only ABCMI spans all facets of BC’s industrial marine sector with activities which grow and strengthen our prosperity.


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For more information, read our ABCMI Constitution and ABCMI Bylaws.