COVID-19 Business Opportunities

Call to Action: Canadian manufacturers needed to help combat COVID-19

If you are a Canadian manufacturer or business that can assist Canada in meeting the need for medical supplies, your help is needed.

If you can say yes to the following, we want to hear from you.

  • You manufacture in Canada and/or have ready access to necessary inputs through your supply chain.
  • You have equipment or facilities that can be rapidly re-tooled to meet medical needs, including for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks and surgical gowns; sanitizers; wipes; ventilators; and other medical equipment and supplies.
  • You have skilled workers who are able to respond and who could be available for work in the current circumstances.

The Plan to Mobilize Industry to fight COVID-19 directly supports businesses to rapidly scale up production or re-tool their manufacturing lines to develop products made in Canada that will help in the fight against COVID-19.

The National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program will build on its existing relationships with thousands of Canada's most innovative small and medium-sized businesses to pose challenges to the marketplace for innovative solutions to fight COVID-19. The most promising solutions will be selected for procurement, working with Innovative Solutions Canada.

We are stronger when we work together. 

Please send a short summary of your offer to

Thank you for your commitment to the health of Canada and Canadians.

NRC COVID-19 Response  - this link will take you to some programs that may be relevant for you.  Be sure to register for them at the provided ‘Register’ links.  The COVID-19 Challenges Procurement Program (NRAP and Innovative Solutions Canada) will soon commence with ‘Industry Pitch Sessions’ – more information to follow.  There is also a Pandemic Response Challenge Program (NRC) that focuses on the health side of COVID-19 where your capabilities may be applicable.