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BC MIIME Grant Program Press Release Intake 2

Successful Recipients of the Second Intake for the BC Maritime Industries Infrastructure Modernization and Expansion Grant Program Announced

June 25, 2024

The second intake of the B.C. Maritime Industries Infrastructure Modernization and Expansion Grant Program will provide 15 British Columbia companies with $5.82 million in funds to modernize and expand their maritime infrastructure. This is part of the program’s total $25 million funding commitment from the Province of British Columbia.

The Association of British Columbia Marine Industries (ABCMI) is delivering the program which is an integral element of the B.C. Maritime Industries Strategy. The inaugural intake that launched in July 2023 provided as much as $14.75 million to 17 companies.

“British Columbia’s maritime industry, the biggest in Canada, continues to build on its leadership in marine innovation, clean fuels and technological advancements,” said Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation. “We are taking action to boost the capabilities of B.C. maritime companies to grow and diversify and, in the long term, create more jobs and opportunities for British Columbians.”

The program’s $25 million in contributions comes through two capital investment streams. Stream 1 provides 50% of project capital costs up to $500,000 for equipment and facility modernization support for boat and shipyards or new small vessel construction infrastructure. Stream 2 offers 25% of project capital costs up to $5 million for increased lift and wharfage capacity, specifically for boat and ship overhaul, refit, maintenance, and repair infrastructure.

In the second intake, launched in November 2023, the successful companies were selected to further drive the growth and development of the maritime sector. The awarded companies come from B.C.’s economic regions, including 4 in the Lower Mainland/Southwest, 2 in the North Coast, 1 in Thompson/Okanagan, and 8 in the Vancouver Island and Coast region. This brings the total to 32 companies with a combined contribution of $20.57 million. These investments are expected to significantly boost economic growth and create numerous employment opportunities for British Columbians, further establishing a strong foundation for future growth and innovation in British Columbia’s maritime sector. 

Companies receiving funds in the second intake: 

  • Van Isle Marina Co. Ltd. will receive as much as $454,000 to help complete significant repairs to the boat ramp located at Van Isle Marina for hauling and launching boats into the boat yard that is used for boat repairs, maintenance, and storage. The impact including increased revenue and heightened competitiveness, position Van Isle Marina as a leader in boatyard repair, maintenance, and storage, attracting boats from both local and international waters. 
  • Ocean Performance Technologies Inc. will receive as much as $40,301 to expand and enhance equipment, allowing them to provide increased modernized services, grow as a leader in clean marine propulsion systems, support the industry through innovative designs and create a space for quality job growth.
  • Vector Yacht Services Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to build a new facility will allow them to bid on bigger jobs and acquire a hydraulic trailer that would allow the boatyard to put vessels between existing vessels and expand capability to work on boats by approximately 50%.
  • Arrow Marine Services Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to help construct a 1500-2000 sq ft machine shop onsite, along with increasing their 600A-347/600V-3Phase Hydro-Electric capacity to the shipyard in order to meet the growing site, marine services industry, and customer project related needs/demands.
  • Shelter Island Marina Inc. will receive as much as $341,292 to implement a project that will help the boatyard to be able to handle vessels of different sizes within the same space that they currently operate using a variable width travelift, ensuring continued safety and improved capacity as they provide their customers a place to refit their vessels.
  • Ripple Rock Repairs Ltd. will receive as much as $465,543 to implement a project that will construct a welding shop to support the increased capacity for vessel and heavy equipment repairs and maintenance.
  • Bridgeview Marine Ltd. will receive as much as $278,028 to build a facility to haul out vessels for annual maintenance and major refits in Prince Rupert which has very limited access to water for launching and retrieval of vessels and facilities to work on larger vessels.  
  • Reed Point Marina Ltd. and CT Inlet Marine Repairs Inc. will receive as much as $500,000 to upgrade Port Moody facility with the installation of a new variable-width marine travelift, designed to maximize yard space and significantly increase capacity for more vessels. Also, wastewater treatment system upgrade will help manage the environmental impact of the heightened vessel activity.
  • Interior Marine Construction Ltd. and Leopold Developments Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to help in the reconstruction of manufacturing facility which was lost in the 2023 wildfires. The new facility will expand on the needs of the business while providing the ability to increase production and attract larger stakeholders in the marine industry to their client base. The new facility will allow increase of production by 30%.
  • GCRD Holdings Ltd. (doing business as Jack’s Boat Yard) will receive as much as $189,500 to replace aging machinery to modernize and increase capacity of the work yard by retiring its aging travel lift and replace it with a more efficient 40-ton self-propelled trailer. The new trailer will help increase storage and workspace capacity by over 50%.
  • Ocean Pacific Marine Supply Ltd. will receive as much as $376,600 to develop land to be leased to Ocean Pacific by the Wei Wai Kum First Nation. The addition of this land will increase the size of Ocean Pacific’s Boatyard Footprint by approximately 40%.
  • West Coast Launch Shipyard Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to build a drive down ramp and dock facility with upgraded power throughout shipyard property for servicing vessels in the Prince Rupert and surrounding areas. The facility will be the only one located in the Prince Rupert Harbour and have the advantage of a marine shipyard for maintenance activities.
  • Bracewell Marine Group Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to increase marine fabrication capabilities and add new capacity to build new conventional and electric marine vessels.
  • Shearwater Resort LLP will receive as much as $169,982 to initiate shipyard improvements and the purchase of equipment which will directly positively impact the daily operations within existing services and expand offerings of an indigenous owned business.
  • Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to expand its pipe spool and metal parts capability and capacity by investing in additional equipment to improve manufacturing efficiency of pipe spools and metal parts in support of the new build program under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS).



"In Prince Rupert, we are extremely excited and grateful to be working with ABCMI to build our new drive down dock facility. This facility will be the first of its kind in Prince Rupert, providing vehicle drive down access for loading and offloading of vessels and an accessible space for marine top-side maintenance. This new facility will complement our shipyard’s exciting services and provide new job opportunities throughout the Prince Rupert area." Jared Davis, VP Project Development at West Coast Launch Shipyard Ltd. (formerly known as McLean’s Shipyard).

"With the new tools and equipment, the BC MIIME Grant allows us to offer our client base so much more of the services they need. We will become a valuable one-stop shop for locals and smaller craft marine traffic of the central coast," Jaimie Teagle, Chief Operations Officer at Shearwater Resort LLP, owned by the Heiltsuk Nation.


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