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Babcock Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Babcock International Group PLC, a leading engineering support services organization headquartered in London, England. Established in 1891 with origins in the boiler making industry, today's Babcock International Group currently manages customer assets in excess of $72 billion, and has an order book of approximately $35 billion; the Group reported revenue of over $8 billion for fiscal year 2014/15. The company has approximately 34,000 employees who design, build, manage, operate and maintain assets that are vital to the delivery of many key public services in the United Kingdom and around the world. The company currently stands as the UK's leading engineering and support services company, and it has identified Canada and Australia as key external growth markets for its business. The Babcock Group has expertise in defense, energy, telecommunications, transport and education. The companys business model is to leverage the depth and breadth of its knowledge and experience as well as the unique infrastructure it owns or manages to ensure it's able to operate in higher value sectors. Babcock seeks to add further value by becoming its customers' strategic partner and entering into long-term, integrated output-based contracts where both parties share in the risk and reward of its outcome. Babcock first established in Canada in early 2008 as the Canadian Submarine Management Group (CSMG). In late 2010, CSMG was rebranded as Babcock Canada Inc. The company has approximately 300 employees in Canada, with presence in Ottawa, Halifax, and Victoria. The bulk of Babcock Canada's presence is in Victoria, BC, where Royal Canadian Navy submarines undergo maintenance, upgrades, and extended docking periods.

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