Ideation Workshop: Digital Marine Innovation

14 Jan 2021
12:00pm - 2:00pm PST

Canada’s economic and global success will be driven by digital technologies to solve critical issues and capture massive opportunities, such as strengthening the resilience and sustainability of our healthcare system,  protecting vulnerable citizens, combatting the impacts of climate change, advancing food security, and rapidly re-skilling for the digital economy.

The Digital Technology Supercluster’s recently announced its call for projects, and is seeking to co-invest up to $30M in impactful and ambitious projects in the areas of natural resources and environment, digital transformation and health.  


To support the development of ambitious digital transformation projects, the Supercluster will be hosting its second ideation workshop which will focus on digital marine innovation, specifically the total lifecycle digital twins, digital supply chain and climate change and emissions.

The digital economy is no longer a technology subset of the economy. It is the economy. In a recent report published by Export Development Canada, “We believe digital technologies will play a critical role in enabling operational efficiencies, speed, agility and innovation, and drive global competitiveness, economic growth and national security.”

Through new business models, supply chains, and effective deployments, key industries including aerospace, marine, transportation, manufacturing, finance, construction and utilities are seeking to harness the power of digital innovation. The ones who excel, transform and drive digital innovations will grow and will be the foundation of future prosperity.

Championed by our members Seaspan, Teekay and the Vancouver Airport Authority, this workshop will explore the digital transformation opportunity in the marine and transportation sectors.


How might we best translate 3D models developed through the design and build phases into a complete dynamic digital twin that can be employed through the life of the vessel? And how might we best develop methodologies for live condition monitoring and predictive maintenance based on a digital twin representation of the ship?

How might we best establish shared digital systems or frameworks that enable more effective supply chain management for builders, maintainers, and operators in the marine sector?

How might we best support vessel energy efficiency or emissions reduction initiatives (EEOI), through real-time performance monitoring or digital optimization of new technologies?


The Digital Technology Supercluster is committed to encouraging a broad network of industry leaders, innovators, post-secondary, and public sector leaders to collaborate on tackling challenges that no single organization can solve on its own. 

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14 Jan 2021
12:00pm - 2:00pm PST

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